10 Facts You Can learn About The Agri-food Sector

The agri-food sector in Colombia combines the agricultural, agro-industrial, flowers and live plants and livestock sectors. The United States, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany represent approximately 160 destination countries where States stand out. The sector must be adorned with policies that not only base productivity but also innovation. The digital platform appropiate is a formality package deal with a casencial unit. Fruit Attraction is a social form form form.

The agri-food sector in Colombia

For many countries, agriculture and agribusiness constitute an activity that is largely exported, especially to other nations with high growth rates. However, Colombia has a market with relatively lower export levels, the volume of which has decreased by 4.1% since 2004. In 2002, the country imported 73.5 million tonnes of food, against only 62.8 million in 2011. The trade balance highlights the net import ratio of 4.1, which reflects that, in the past ten years, Colombia has not been able to prevent consumption to grow, resulting in a growing role for imports of food and a negative balance. There is a pattern of consumption growth, as has been demonstrated in the review.

The importance of policies

On the other side, the importance of policies in the agri-food sector is actually recognized. This is because for two years Colombia, like any country, does not have a proper agenda for the next decade. At this time there are sectors that have specific demands. The agri-food sector could benefit from specific policies because it is a major growth sector and serves more than 90% of the Colombian population. Fruits and vegetables are the backbone of the Colombian diet. Ecotourism is another key. The sector is currently not properly defined. This could be seen in Colombia as an opportunity to attract the world’s attention to the nature reserves, municipalities with favourable climates and ecosystems.

The importance of innovation

This agricultural sector is one of the main components in the national economy of Colombia. It is also one of the most important sectors in the national economy in terms of growth. We can see this clearly in the analysis of the Colombian economy at the time of crisis in 1997. The Colombia economy was 4.2 percent per year, above that of the United States and the European Union, while for the United States the economic growth during the same period was 0.2 percent per year and for the EU 0.8 percent per year. Agriculture in Colombia is at the forefront of new technologies in the production of food. Today, the United States sends foodstuff to Colombia that was produced in the United States, a country that still processes 80% of all the fruit, vegetables, and meat consumed in the world.

The role of technology

The agri-food sector should look to start, provide and expand the knowledge of the growing, harvesting, preserving and processing. Innovation and innovation are synergies. Companies are breeding and producing technological software packages, pieces of software in preforming packages and more. Data sciences Technology not only be used for connecting different aspects of the sector. The information has a company’s technological outcome which can be exploited and also helpful in designing strategies to streamline the sector and integrate it into the international economic chains.

The role of Fruit Attraction

1. To be precise, Fruit Attraction, has assumed the role of ​​preferential exporter to other countries at the start of the previous decades and operates in 23 countries, with 6 of them having done so. With the technological evolution and the knowledge of the trends, the Department has continued to grow and reach a number of countries that allow the presence of Colombia in these markets. 2. When dealing with the market and the foreign market, there is a number of parameters in the market with which Colombia must deal to promote its products. While one is the state’s policies and market variables, another is the technological evolution that has given rise to the incubation of this sector.


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